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Fife Whisky Festival 2020

Feb 28th, 04:20 PM

On the 7th of March we will be in Cupar for the Fife Whisky Festival! 

This will be our 2nd year in attendance and we'll be bringing along some of the Rare Single Cask releases from the recent outrun as well as some stock from historic outruns.

If you have not got your ticket yet there are evening session tickets still available at the Fife Whisky Festival website

The stock we will have for sale on the day through the Luvians shop are noted below,

15yo Glen Elgin #801297 2004 Ex Tawny Port. 56.00ABV

14yo Aberfeldy #304420 2005 Bourbon HHD. 56.80ABV

Lady of the Glen Aberfeldy

11yo Glen Garioch 2008 Bourbon Hogshead. 55.300ABV

9yo Bunnahabhain 2010 Sherry HHD #901203. 66.70ABV

10yo Lochindaal 1/9/2009 First fill Bourbon 63.00ABV

11yo Tamdhu 6833A/2007 Bourbon Hogshead 60.00ABV

13yo Glenallachie 901062/2005 Marsalla wine finish 65.10ABV 

14yo Blair Athol 3657/2005 Bourbon Hogshead 58.60ABV

8yo Glenlossie 8645/2010 Bourbon Hogshead 56.80ABV

8yo Bruichladdich 150/2011 Bourbon Hogshead 65.80ABV

26yo North British Bourbon Hogshead 1991 49.20ABV

The recent Lady of the Glen outrun


Linkoping Festival

Feb 24th, 01:14 PM

At the Linköping Festival

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of visiting Sweden for the Linkoping Whisky festival. 

Having never been to Sweden before I was thoroughly looking forward to the trip! After a 3 hour train trip to Linkoping I arrived in the dead of night at my hotel which was a hosting Eurovision song contest 'Qualifier' party...the Swedes take Eurovision very seriously. 

For over a year now Lady of the Glen has been exported to Sweden by Matts at Auld and Rare. This festival was a great opportunity for me to showcase the latest range of Lady of the Glen releases which will be available for sale in Sweden at . Matts will have the majority of releases including the Bunna Sherry bomb and the Lochindaal which has not been released yet in the UK!

The festival was a lovely opportunity to speak to customers in Sweden about Lady of the Glen and find what sort of stock they Swedish market is looking for. Initially I was under the impression the Swedish market only wanted peaty Whisky but what I found was that although this was true to an extent there was a great desire to try different flavours and casks styles so the Teaninich Ruby Port finish was very popular as was the Glen Elgin Tawny Port finish.

The latest releases were available for sampling

The Lady Of The Glen QTR 1 Outrun

Feb 11th, 05:55 PM

We’re beginning 2020 with a broad selection of different style casks that will have something for everyone, from Old Grain lovers to Sherry Bombs fans!

Within the range there are also two UK exclusives!

LOTG Glen ElginFirst up, a 15 year old Bourbon Cask Glen Elgin that has been finished in Tawny Port. Cask #801297 is an exciting, well balanced release that presents flavours of Toasted Walnut and Highland toffee. The delicate Glen Elgin spirit is married well with the 2nd fill Tawny Port, being 2nd fill it has allowed for a great balance between the spirit and cask. Yielding 299 bottles and bottled at Cask Strength 56.7% this release is available in our shop for £83.00 including postage

The 15 year old Teaninich cask hails from one of Scotland’s largest distilleries and I decided to finish the cask in a 2nd fill Ruby Port. The finish has worked out well as the strong fruity distillate has enjoyed the fortified fresh red wine flavours from the Ruby Port cask to create a tasting that reveals soft red fruits, crème caramel and milk chocolate. Yielding only 149 bottles and bottled at cask strength, this release is available for £83.00 including postage.

I’m pleased to finally reveal an Aberfeldy cask into the Lady of the Glen range. Cask #304420 was traditionally matured in a bourbon hogshead for 14 years. Enjoy Orange marmalade, runny honey and custard! 184 will be released at Cask Strength and they are each available on our website for £98.00 including Postage.

Another traditionally matured bourbon cask release is our Glen Garioch. Hailing from the Highlands this Glen Garioch was matured for a full 11 years in just the Bourbon Cask. My tasting revealed Melon, pencil lead and butter. Bottled at Cask Strength, the yield was 320 bottles and they are available for £84.00 each.

The heavily sherried Bunnahabhain was a particular highlight during our launch tasting. This Cask strength sherry enters at 66.7% and revealed a tasting experience of Mixed citrus peel, dried apricot and walnut. It can be found in our web shop for £122.00 including delivery.

LOTG Bunna

Our Old Grain in this outrun is a delightful 26 year old North British which is available for £100.00. Enjoy Banoffee pie, vanilla and salted popcorn from one of the Lowland’s finest distilleries.

Our PX Octaves are up next, we have two exciting releases which have both been finished in PX for at least three months; the Glen Moray 11 year old was finished for 6 months for an intense finish and a Secret Islay which was originally bourbon matured for 10 years then finished for 3 months in a 2nd fill PX octave. Both of these are UK exclusive.

The Glen Moray PX finish is available for £78.00 on our website

The Secret Islay PX finish is available for £112.00 on our website

We hope you enjoy the outrun!

Glasgow National Whisky Festival 2020

Jan 22nd, 01:23 PM

National Whisky Festival

This weekend we will have a stall out at the National Whisky Festival in Glasgow.

Tickets are still available. Visit for more details

Session One starts: 12:00pm

Session One ends: 3:30pm

Session Two starts: 4:15pm

Session Two ends: 7:45pm

Venue address:


100 Eastvale Place,


G3 8QG


We will be pouring the follow drams,

                                                                13yo Glenallachie 901062/2005 Single Malt Scotch Whisky with Marsalla wine finish 65.1?V

                                                                14yo Blair Athol 3657/2005 Single Malt Scotch Whisky. 58.6?V. NEW RELEASE

Glenlossie Ruby Port8yo Glenlossie 8645/2010 Single Malt Scotch Whisky- 56.8?V Ruby Port finish. PRIZE WINNER

8yo Glenlossie 2010 Single Malt Scotch Whisky- Tawny Port finish. ONLY AVAILABLE AT THE FESTIVAL TO SAMPLE AND BUY

8yo Bruichladdich 150/2011 Single Malt Scotch Whisky 65.8?V. NEW RELEASEFirst Fill Bourbon Barrel Bruichladdich

11yo Strathmill 2007 Bourbon Hogshead with Ex-Tawny Port Cask finish. #807834 56.8%

In addition to some under the table specials including the Glen Elgin Tawny Port from last year, Bowmore and Tamdhu among others.

See you there!


Jan 21st, 12:55 PM

Whisky has long held a close relationship with Port. This could be down to British ownership of many of the Port houses in Porto since the eighteenth century and with that Scotch has had access to ex-port casks which were used for the maturation of Spirit.

There are many different styles of Port and each style has a unique production method which creates a variety of different flavours. If you are interested in learning more about Port I would highly recommend that you visit Porto now because unfortunately many of the Port cellars and warehouses on the dockside in Porto will no longer be used for maturation, instead all production and maturation will take place in the Douro valley where the grapes are actually grown.

Port is fortified wine that is produced in Portugal. More specifically, the industry uses Porto and Vila Nova de Gaia for the maturation of Port while the grapes are grown up river in the Douro valley. The Douro valley has a warm continental climate and the vines are planted along steep terraces, called Socalcos, built into the high slopes.

There are three types of Port, red, white and rose. Scotch has mainly used ex-red port casks for maturation but we are exploring opportunities with white.

Red Port uses thick skinned grapes with high tannin and these produce back fruit flavours with floral aromas. Of these there are 5 varieties,

  • Touriga Franca, tends to be lighter and more perfumed
  • Tinta Roriz, an adaptable and productive variety know as Tempranillo when it is grown elsewhere.
  • Tinta Barroca, a typical blending variety
  • Touriga Nacional, low yield but essential in blending making
  • Tinto Cao, grown since 16th century and close to extinction presenting low yields

Foot treading is still a tradition used whereby large teams of workers tread on the grapes for three to four hours in order ground down the grape skins in order to increase tannin and provide colour. There are modern techniques that use machinery to replicate foot treading.

Inside the bodega in Porto

As a fortified wine, when the alcohol level reaches 5-9?V the fermentation is stopped through the addition of alcohol. The alcohol added is around 77?V. Stopping fermentation produces a sweet a wine because not all of the sugar has been converted into alcohol as the yeast has been killed by the addition of alcohol.  

The Port will then be matured in any number or style of cask from giant oak vessels to small barrels to stainless steal. However, the choice of maturation vessel will determine the end product and if it is a Tawny or a Ruby Port.

Lady of the Glen Ruby Port finish Glenlossie.
Won a bronze at the Independent Bottlers Challenge 2019
Ruby Ports will not have been matured in oak that long, potentially one to three years. They are traditionally red in colour and possess an intense fruit flavour associated with red fruits primarily. While in the bottle, Ruby port will change and can develop cooked fruit and vegetal flavours such as prune and leather.

Tawny Ports enjoy longer maturation in the cask and as a result of extended oxidation they produce raisin flavours, caramels, coffee, toffee and walnuts flavours. The colour will also fade into a Tawny or brown style.Lady of the Glen Tawny Port finish Strathmill.

The final bottled product is always a blend of casks which have contents that were grown at different sites and different grapes.  

The Whisky industry takes the casks that are no longer of any use to Port and in some instances breaks them down to a more suitable size for Scotch. Our casks are provided by a bodega near Porto and usually the casks will be re-charred which seals in many of the flavours of the oak and allows for a great deal of cask influence to happen when the casks eventually arrive in Scotland for maturation. In my experience Tawny and Ruby port finishes are among my favourite mainly because upon 2nd fill the Tawny port releases tend to have a powdered chocolate taste with walnut while the Ruby port usually adds a generous red fruit character consistently.

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