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Our Story

Our founder Gregor comes from a proud family of bagpipers. This profession gained his father a considerable collection of rare whiskies as thank you gifts, which Gregor grew up admiring.

Today Gregor has the freedom to collect his own rare whiskies and now shares them globally. Lady of the Glen make these unique discoveries readily available to everyone from passionate collectors to those who enjoy the flavour of a quality whisky. Gregor’s mission is to educate people on the quality differences between independently-bottled single-cask whiskies and blends from major brands.

The Lady of the Glen is a character from Scottish folklore story, The Green Lady. Gregor was so captivated by the tale, it inspired the name of his business.

Our mission as an independent bottler is to ensure there is character in every new release. We source the finest casks to mature whisky that is truly unique and of the highest quality.

One of our key priorities when selecting casks is wood management. Gregor personally sources and utilizes the very best specialist casks from bodegas in Portugal, vineyards in Italy and Germany, as well as bourbon hogshead barrels from the US for more traditional maturation.

The Portuguese casks we use will have previously contained only the finest Sherries including Amontilido, Pedro Ximenez and Olorosso, while our oak barriques have previously been used for tawny, ruby port and Madeira. The casks from Italy and Germany will have contained sweet wines and red wines. By ensuring we always use high-quality wood, we can nurture unique flavours in our single-cask limited edition releases.

Since launching in 2012, Lady of the Glen is proud to have delivered over 1000 bottles of exceptional whisky worldwide. Gregor constantly seeks to further his whisky knowledge and is completing a masters degree in distilling at Heriot-Watt University.

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