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Contract Bottling

With our four hand bottling we have the capacity to fill different bottle types and decanters with ease and efficiency by hand. When bottling casks, we employ hand labeling techniques, this enables us to swiftly bottle casks, therefore reducing any potential delays in getting your product to market.

We pride ourselves on the relationship that we have built with our clients and strive to offer the best service by maintaining and nurturing the bonds that have been formed.

If you would like have your cask bottled with us please contact us on 07956913066, at or through the form below.

Cask Transport

We can provide a cask movement service for up to four casks.

With the use of our van and movement guarantee we can uplift from most sites in Scotland.

We charge a basic half day rate or full date rate depending on the uplift and drop off address.

Where casks are brought to our site for contract bottling and are scheduled to be bottled within 30 days of arrival we will apply a 5% discount on the cost of contract bottling excluding duty and VAT.

For quotes please please contact us on 07956913066, at or through the form below.

Sell your casks

If you own a single cask and are interested in selling it, we would be delighted to have a chat with you.

We can buy the complete cask or can buy a proportion of the cask and bottle the remainder of the whisky for you to keep.

The process is very straight forward but we will require a reasonably recent sample and a re-gauge which we would be happy to cover the cost should our negotiations reach that stage.

For more information, you can reach us on 07956913066, at or through the form below.

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