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Q2 Outrun

It’s been a busy couple of months here at the bottling hall and we are pleased to announce that our quarter two outrun is now available.

Lady of the Glen QTR outrun 2021

Inchgower 2008 Refill PX Hogshead. 13 years old

An Orkney 2007 HHD with ex-Oloroso finish #6. 14 years old

Teaninich 2012 Refill HHD with Rivesalts Barrique Finish 9 years old

Glen Keith 1998 HHD #167096. 22 years old

Tullibardine Refill Barrel with Ex-Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish. 14 years old

Loch Lomond (Inchmurrin) 1998 Oloroso HHD #160000001. 22 years old

Bunnahabhain (Peated) 2009 HHD ##90000188. 12 years old

An Orkney 2007 HHD with ex-Oloroso finish #6. 14 years old

First up is an interesting 14 year old cask from An Orkney distillery. This lightly peated distillate from the northern isles is famous for its heather honey and light citrus character. Matured in a refill Hogshead then finished for over a year in a first fill ex-oloroso cask from Josafer bodega. On the nose we discovered light leather and charred oak initially followed by a smoked oranges and heather character. With time, exotic spice, dried fruits and and creme brûlée notes emerge.

An Orkney

Whilst on the palate we found that honey on toast, vanilla and bitter dark chocolate immediately flood the taste buds, but mellows to reveal a spicier character of nutmeg, cinnamon and smoked vanilla cream. The finish is long and with a bitter sweet balance of strong coffee and glazed cherries. This mellows with developing aromatic peat and high quality coco powder. The cask yield was 348 bottles. This release is available through our website for £100.00

Tullibardine Refill Barrel with Ex-Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish. 14 years old

Next we have an excellent sherry cask from Tullabardine. Founded in 1949 on the site of a historic brewery it was reopened in 2003. They are known for their light, floral and oily spirit. Aged in American oak before maturing a further 14 months in an ex-oloroso cask from the Josafer Bodega. This whisky has notes of antique furniture, manuka honey and sweet dried cherries. 175 bottles were bottled.

Inchgower 2008 Refill PX Hogshead. 13 years old

From a distillery on the bounds of the Speyside region we have a 13 year old Inchgower with a refill sherry finish. The coastal location of this distillery adds a freshness to its waxy and nutty new-make character. This refill Pedro Ximinez cask has a subtler influence and has offered a gentle fruitiness to the spirit. During sampling we found the nose to be fresh and sweet with vanilla, sultanas and a whiff of brine. Heather honey develops with some soft spice and caramelised onion notes. On the palate the sweetness continues but this time with more fresh fruit – tangerines, apples, peppered strawberries and tinned pineapple. This all wrapped in a cinnamon dusted pancake. Available for £65.00


The finish has lingering spices remaining but with notes of desiccated coconut, dry oak and a hint of smoke add sophistication. The final yield was 268 bottles.

Loch Lomond (Inchmurrin) 1998 Oloroso HHD #160000001. 22 years old

Inchmurrin is an unpeated distillate produced at Loch Lomond distillery. From the distillery’s unique range of distillates, Inchmurrin is the lighter and fruiter distillate produced with malted barley and distilled through the straight neck pot stills. This particular spirit was matured in a HHD for the majority of its maturation and it was reracked in an Oloroso HHD for the last few years. This 1998 sherry cask finish has notes of fruit cake, dried tobacco and cloves. Available for £160.00

Glen Keith 1998 HHD #167096. 22 years old

We are delighted to offer this older Glen Keith as part of the outrun. Matured for 22 years in a single refill barrel to encourage smoothness in the spirit. A medium bodied distillate with malty notes of honey and spice, the nose is fragrant, grassy and perfumed with notes of ginger, toffee and orange barley sugars. A touch of linseed oil, candle wax and lemon peel develop.

On the palate an elegant mouthful brings a tropical fruit character of pineapple, coconut and papaya. The sweetness is balanced by light pepper, roasted nuts and soft oak. For the finish ripe banana and sweet pastry notes complimented by light spices and a subtle herbal quality. There are 155 bottles for release.

Teaninich 2012 Refill HHD with Rivesalts Barrique Finish 9 years old

Teaninich with Rivesalts finish

Teaninich is known as a workhorse distillery which produces a medium bodied spirit with floral and spice notes. This 9 year old Teaninich was matured for just under 8 years in a refill Hogshead before being finished in a Giraud Rivesalts barrique adding sweetness and depth. The nose has a deep sweetness with notes of treacle toffee, honey and raisins. Held together with spice, barley and a buttery oak character. On the palate it is rich and mouth coating with cloves, cinnamon and warm buttered hot-cross buns. Developing chocolate coated Brazil nuts notes and oak spice offer balance.

For the finish liquorice and rum & raisin fudge dominate, but with emerging notes of walnuts and candied ginger. The cask yield was 306 bottles. Available for £65.00

Bunnahabhain (Peated) 2009 HHD #90000188. 12 years old

Completing the outrun is a heavily peated 2009 Bunnahabhain. A rare cask for Lady of the Glen as we have only ever released traditional Bunnahabhain that are not peated. The distillate led cask has matured for 12 years in a HHD cask. The tasting revealed, ripe grapefruit with a sweet smoke and mineral character.

Available for £130.00


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