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Glenlossie Distillery was founded in 1876 near Elgin in Speyside, with its own platform at the Elgin-Perth railway. The distillery is well-known for producing a light and delicate spirit with fruity sweetness, using water from the Bardon Burn for production.

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Since 1897, single Malt whisky has been distilled at Glen Moray on the banks of the River Lossie, just outside Elgin, one of Scotland’s oldest towns. In its lifetime, the Speyside distillery has known only 5 distillery managers. Glen Moray is well-known for producing spirit with a light body and sweetness with spicy fruit and honey notes. With only 62 bottles, this is an extremely rare single malt whisky.

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Named after a local burn, Linkwood is an active distillery located in Elgin, within the Speyside region. The distillery was officially founded in 1825, but its roots date back to 1821 when it would have been an illicit distillery. Linkwood is synonymous with well-balanced distillates of medium body and sweetness encompassing fruity, floral, honey, malt and spice notes, making it a great example a Speyside whisky.

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