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Arrange a Whisky Tasting

When Brand Ambassador Paul joined the company early last year we were looking forward to getting out and hosting Lady of the Glen tastings. Like everyone else we have had to adapt over the last eighteen months and Paul has been conducting his tastings over Zoom. We hope to return to in person events towards the end of the year, but remote tastings offer unique opportunities and will continue to be part of our program. You can’t always get everyone together in the same place even in more normal times.

We still have some space in the diary if you would like to arrange a tasting with us. Paul has recently hosted tastings with a few whisky clubs around the country featuring our current quarter 3 releases. It’s a great way to try the range without the commitment and outlay of purchasing full bottles. We’re really proud of these latest bottlings and enjoy sharing them and receiving feedback. A typical tasting involves a pack of five or six samples posted to you, then you just log in and join everyone for a dram. If you would like to tailor your tasting around a particular theme or style we would be glad to work with you on this.

If you would like to arrange a tasting for your club, event or just get some pals together please get in touch at


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