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The Archive

Welcome to our archive. These are our fantastic whiskies which have sadly sold out, never to return. We‘ve kept them here though so you can use our tasting notes to try and imagine their exquisite flavours.

Lady of The Glen


Sold out January 2014.From the mothballed Caperdonich distillery in Speyside came this deluxe malt. Aged in an ex-bourbon American oak cask for 19 years and bottled at cask strength without chill filtering or any another additives.

Very spiritied for its age, the flavour was all about the essence of lemon with a hint of buttery sweetness. On the palate you would have been surprised by delicous honey and ice cream undertones. By adding water gradually the slightly mellow warm biscuits flavours and malty flavours would have come through. After your initial taste, you could sit back and enjoy a warm and clean after taste with a distant hint of toffee. Delicous and yummy, we are vey proud to release this as our second malt and third Lady of the Glen release


Whisky Corner "lovely sweetness, much like a Highland Toffee bar, but one that’s been warmed up in your pocket all day"

Edinburgh Whisky blog "A lovely wee whisky, and a bit of a bargain considering it’s a single cask from a mothballed distillery"

Whisky Journal The review is in German, but a translated segment reads, "The tasting buds are stimulated by citrus fruits and slightly sour apples"

Lady of The Glen

Our first Speyside malt whisky. The smells of over ripe red apples, chocolate and spicy winter fruits this dram certainly did not disappoint on the nose. Mouth coating and long lasting this sherried dram had undertones of beeswax and hazelnuts throughout. With the addition of water you would bring out flavours of dried figs and honey. With a big and spicy finish this whisky did not disappoint.

The Benrinnes Distillery was founded in in 1835 and is located in Banffshire. It was completely rebuilt in 1955/1956 due to a flood and it is one of the few distilleries in Scotland that still uses so-called 'worm tubs' to cool the vapours and condensed spirit from the running stills. This feature was once common, but not anymore. The water sources are the Scurran and Rowantree Burns.

This Benrinnes was from a single Sherry cask and sold out January 2014.


Miss Whisky Blog "really fruity with apple, peach, fig and milke Chocolate notes"

Edinburgh Whisky Blog "this dram has balls! Quite spicy with cinnamon and white pepper then a meaty note before a rich sweetness kicks in"

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