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The Archive

Welcome to our archive. These are our fantastic whiskies which have sadly sold out, never to return. We‘ve kept them here though so you can use our tasting notes to try and imagine their exquisite flavours.

Girvan Vintage 1991
Lady of The Glen

Temporarily unavailable

Single Grain Lowland Whisky


We acquired just 63 bottles from the Bourbon Hogshead #54459

Distilled on the 22nd of April 1991 and bottled 22nd January 2018 at cask strength with no artificial colouring.

The cask was acquired through a private seller looking for urgent bottling due to the ABV dropping quicker than anticipated. However, what made this Whisky of particular interest was it's heavier body for a grain Whisky and yet it still retained a light sweet taste on the palate,


Tasting notes

Ripe banana, sweet toffee and coffee


About the release

Only our 2nd Single grain release since we started in 2012 and so it had to be a good one! 

Founded in 1963, the distillery has since produced a vast amount of essential stock for blending. Due to the workhorse nature of the distilley single casks have been relatively rare despite them releasing a great batch of releases in the mid 1990s for exclusive release in Europe under the name Black Barrel.

Our old cask has been bottled as a matter of urgency as the ABV was dropping due to the low volume in the cask but the aromas are a grain delight, typical of older well matured grains ideal for sipping.


Price includes complimentary delivery and presentation carton box


Cambus Vintage 1991
Lady of The Glen

Silent Single Grain Lowland Whisky

Butt #61981 yielded 55 bottles

Distilled on the August 1991 and bottled November 2017 at cask strength with no artificial colouring.

A lowland distillery with origins from 1806 but ceasing distillation in 1993

Matured fully in an Oloroso Butt, 50 litres were taken to be finished in a first fill sherry octave for a prolonged period resulting in these 55 bottles.


Tasting notes

Cherries, dates and leather


Price includes complimentary delivery and presentation carton box

Tobermory Vintage 2008
Lady of The Glen

Single Malt Island Whisky

Butt #900154 yielded 353 bottles

Distilled on the 2nd of October 2008 and bottled July 2017 at cask strength with no artificial colouring.

We described this as a mighty Sherry bomb from the Inner Hebrides because of it's intense colour and strength. The spirit managed an incredible amount of extraction during the relatively short maturation period which was likely due to the high alcohol original fill. This Tobermory could have enjoyed further maturation but we felt it was suitable for consumption now based on the deep flavours already obtained.


Tasting notes

Molasses, cocoa and raisin



Founded in 1798 on the largest Island on the Inner Hebrides, the unspoiled Isle of Mull. The water source remains the Mishnish Lochs.


Price includes complimentary delivery and presentation carton box

Isle Of Jura Vintage 1998
Lady of The Glen

Single Malt Island Whisky

Cask #2162 yielded 230 bottles

Distilled on the 28th of September 1998 and bottled November 2017 at cask strength with no artificial colouring.

This being the first Isle of Jura released by Lady of the Glen, we were very excited to release this single cask as they are typically very challenging to source.


Tasting notes

Shortbread, lemon and caramel



Jura was founded in 1810 and can be found on the Inner Hebrides off the West Coast of Scotland. Famously, George Orwell wrote '1984' in 1948 on Jura .

Price includes complimentary delivery and presentation carton box

Bowmore Vintage 2002
Lady of The Glen

Single Malt Islay Whisky

Barrel #136 yielded 180 bottles

Distilled on the 11th of September 2002 and bottled November 2017 at cask strength with no artificial colouring.

Barrels typically benefit from enhanced maturation due to the spirits greater level of exposure to wood compared to a much bigger Hogshead or butt, this Bowmore being a example of maturation beyond it's years.

Post bottling, the barrel used to mature this Bowmore was filled with Caol ila due to the high quality of the barrel and the delightful character found in this Bowmore. 


Tasting notes

Cheesecake, smoked bacon and butterscotch



In 1779 the Bowmore distillery became the first licensed distillery on Islay of the Inner Hebrides, making it one of the oldest legitimate Whisky distilleries in Scotland. 

A host of owners have controlled this distillery since its inception including John Simpson, William & James Mutter, Sherriff's Bowmore Distillery Ltd, William Grigor & Sons Ltd. In 1963 Stanley P. Morrison ltd bought the distillery and increased the number of stills to four and provided further investment. However, it was in 1994 that the Suntory buyout took place which brought the distillery under Japanese ownership.

The distillery's iconic white buildings sit facing the Atlantic Ocean while the water source is from the winding Laggan River that meanders through peat bog and moss of Islay. The traditional methods of Whisky making still maintained by the distillery have ensured a consistent high quality of liquid that has gifted Bowmore among the finest reputations for Whisky.


Price includes complimentary delivery and presentation carton box.

Macallan 1990 Vintage
Lady of The Glen

Single Malt Speyside Whisky distilled at the Macallan distillery.


Cask #17/04033

Distilled January 1990 and bottled April 2017 at cask strength with no colourings or flavourings.

Finished in a carefully selected Oloroso sherry octave for a sublime finish providing for a limited 20 bottle release. 


The small batch release is only available through Lady of the Glen directly.


Tasting notes
Orange, ginger and cocoa


Presented in an Oak case


Price includes complimentary UK delivery.

Tullibardine 10 Year Old Single Malt Sherry Butt
Lady of The Glen

Sherry Butt 34 was distilled on the 14th April 2006 and bottled in October 2016.

The 10 year old Oloroso Sherry Butt produced a natural cask strength of 58.7% alcohol and elected to bottle just 200 bottles, non-chill filtered with no colourings.

Batch 2 will be a limited Edition 494 bottle release - each uniquely glass etched bottle has been numbered.

About the distillery

Located within the Highland Whisky region but sitting under Speyside in the Scottish midlands. The distillery is located in Auchterarder and enjoys a long history stretching as far back as 1488 where it was the site of an ancient brewery where King James IV bought ale on his way to Scone palace. The distillery proper was built in 1949 which makes it a relatively modern distillery. She takes her name from the Gaelic ‘Tullach Bhardainn’ meaning hill of warning and water from the supreme Danny Burn. The distillery currently lives outside the ownership of the big Whisky conglomerates, with its own cooperage, warehouse and bottling hall on site.

This special Butt was distilled during the distillery's reawakening following the 2003 acquisition. The distillery had been closed since 1995 until it was sold to an independent group of Whisky enthusiasts in 2003. Following the acquisition the distillery was brought under the assured management of John Black, a renowned figure in the Whisky industry with over 55 years of experience in the industry and who previously worked at Cardhu, Glenburgie, Miltonduff, Ardbeg, Glencadam, Balblair, Pultney, Auchentoshan, Tormore, Ardmore, Scapa and finally Tullibardine. John unfortunately passed away in 2013.


A maple syrup coloured dram which has taken wonderfully well from the Sherry Butt.

All the notes of a fruity blackberry baked tarte including sweet Scottish summer strawberries, orange peel with notes of chestnut honey, cinnamon and the slightest gingery heat. A smooth lingering aftertaste with dark chocolate and more of that delightful honey.

Enjoy this one to mark an occasion or after a meal as a delightful desert dram

Whisky Corner review - "This is a whisky to enjoy whilst relaxing in a leather arm chair, with the paper, or a weighty tome...On the palate there is no doubt as to the origin of this whisky, the Oloroso influence is off the scale"

Complimentary delivery and delivery to anywhere outside the UK will cost an additional £20.00. Your bottle will also include a sample of another Lady of the Glen release.

Bunnahabhain 25 Year Old, 1990 Vintage
Lady of The Glen

An exclusive US release.

Bourbon Cask 9109 was distilled in December 1990 and bottled in June 2016. The cask yielded only 175 bottles and we bottled at the natural cask strength 48.9% without chill-filtering.

Hailing from the North of the Queen of the Hebrides, Islay. Shielded from the harsh Atlantic winds it was founded on the Eastern side of Islay in 1883. Her name is drawn from the Gaelic 'mouth of the river' and her water source is the Margadale river. 

Secret Islay 14 Year Old Single Malt
Lady of The Glen

Oloroso Sherry butt., number 2905, was distilled in October 17th 2002 and bottled in March 2017

The 14 year old Butt produced a natural cask strength of 56.2% alcohol and we elected to bottled without chill filtering and colourings.

A limited Edition 267 bottle release - each uniquely glass etched bottle has been numbered.

About the distillery

Islay is renowned for producing Scotland's most distinct and recognizable Whiskies. The small island which enjoys 130 miles of coastline and it’s own micro climate has distilled Whisky with a limited number of exceptional distilleries for centuries. We were very fortunate to obtain this beautiful single butt from a private collector but due to the gravity of the butt the name had to remain secret. All that can be revealed is that the spirit was distilled on the East Shore of Islay.

The first fill Oloroso butt was used to mature the spirit for a splendid 14 year period and the light quality of the spirit produced from this distillery’s large stills have allowed for a delightfully balanced sherry influence, revealing sweet, dark and nutty qualities with ginger and cherries. We were so impressed by the wood’s condition after the Secret Islay maturation that we have opted to use the Butt again, as it has so much left to give, for the further maturation of a Royal Brackla.

We at Lady of the Glen have genuinely never been more proud to a release butt and it's been purposefully bottled at a time in it's maturation where it is ideal for sipping.

Tasting notes

Colour: Antique bronze
Nose: Salty and earthy yet sweet and floral at first. Think sea breeze on a warm spring day. Biscuits and caramel sauce with hints of old and damp fire wood.
Palate: Woody with a toffee/candy apple note initially. Hints of sea spray and fresh cut flowers come next. More caramel and biscuits notes towards the end.
Finish: Subtly sweet with woody overtones. Long and rich.

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