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Inchgower 2008 Refill PX Hogshead

Inchgower 2008 Refill PX Hogshead

Inchgower 2008 Refill PX Hogshead

  • Age of Whisky: 13 years old
  • Alcohol by Volume: 55.8?V
  • Size of Bottle: 70cl
  • Cask Yield: 268
  • Cask: Hogshead with Pedro Ximenez Sherry finish #800479
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Released as part of the Quarter 2 outrun 2021

Although within the Speyside region, the costal location of this distillery adds a freshness to its waxy and nutty new-make character.  This refill PX hogshead has offered a gentle fruitiness to the spirit.

The cask yielded only 268 bottles and it was bottled at natural cask strength 55.80%

DISTILLED 18th Jan 2008 AND BOTTLED 17th Feb 2021

Nose - fresh and sweet with vanilla, sultanas and a whiff of brine.  Heather honey develops with some soft spice and caramelised onion notes.

Palate - sweetness continues but this time with more fresh fruit - tangerines, apples, peppered strawberries and tinned pineapple.  This all wrapped in a cinnamon dusted pancake.

Finish - lingering spices remain but with notes of desiccated coconut, dry oak and a hint of smoke add sophistication.


Enjoy a dram on us! With every bottle purchased, receive a complimentary 2cl sample, selected at random from our current stock.

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The Lady of the Glen Gift Set

Thinking about how to gift Whisky, why not try out gift sets?

Our gift sets include the bottle of your choice presented in our oak box with a set of Glencairn tasting glasses.

Glencairn glasses are an excellent accompaniment to any Whisky tasting because their bell shape allows for complex Whisky aromas to be trapped in the glass making them ideal for nosing and sipping. They also have the added benefit that if the glass tips over all of the spirit doesn't splash out!

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