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Lady Of The Glen Presents A Fun Tour Around 90’s Speyside From Independent Reviewer Whisky Rover


In the past six months, we have released seven casks and only one person, me, has tried them all! That was until a savvy blogger managed to get his hands on samples from each cask!

Read a full review of releases from Whisky Rover, “A fun tour around 90’s Speyside”…/…

Braes of Glenlivet 1994 – soon to be released
Bottled 2015, 20 years old, 47.7% vol, bourbon cask, 163 bottles

“Well worth seeking out”

Glen Keith 1995 – sold out December 2015
Bottled September 2015, 19 years old, 51.1% vol, bourbon cask, 261 bottles


“Before the distillery was mothballed in 2000 the standard of its core malt was  good indeed, which is replicated here”

Glentauchers 1996 – sold out December 2015
Bottled September 2015, 18 years old, 56.5% vol, bourbon cask, 229 bottles

“A classic example of a Speyside whisky being approachable, light and refreshing”


Miltonduff 1995 – still available
Bottled September 2015, 19 years old, 51.4% vol, bourbon cask, 177 bottles

Tobermory 1995 – Sold out February 2016
Bottled 2015, 20 years old, 56.2% vol, bourbon hogshead cask #1237, 259 bottles

“More approachable than many of the Tobermory’s I’ve experienced previously so an oddity which is what the single cask bottling approach should give us”


Tormore 1995 – Sold out February 2016
Bottled September 2015, 19 years old, 53.1% vol, bourbon cask #20279, 249 bottles

“a distinctive character with a very enjoyable nose”

All the releases were uniquely numbered and presented in the Lady of the Glen glass etched bottles, so if you managed to snag a bottle you’ll be excited to know that they are almost completely unavailable, there is one bottle of Miltonduff left on and I have heard Hard to Find Whisky, Luvians in Fife and Jeffrey Street in Edinburgh have a few bottles of the other releases remaining.

There you have it a solid performance from a generation of casks born in the era of Brit-Pop, New Labour and the same decade the Scotland was in the World Cup and won the five nations!


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