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Wide Days Music Convention And Lady Of The Glen

Apr 18th, 02:02 PM

I'm pleased to reveal that Lady of the Glen will feature in the Wide Day's music convention Whisky tasting.

Wide Day's create an environment for friendly socializing and relaxed business discussions for people interested in music. There is a growing consensus that their approach leads to more collaborations, working relationships and often friendship within the industry. To find out more about the convention please read their brochure here

Lady of the Glen will feature in Felipe Schrieberg's tasting on Saturday afternoon.

Felipe Schrieberg is the whisky blogger for and he recently founded the Rhythm and Booze Project (, which combines his passion for the water of life with live music, multimedia and special events. 

Ahead of Felipe hosting the tasting for the Saturday delegates, which includes Lady of the Glen, Wide Day's asked him to compile the ideal musical accompaniment to a special selection of malts. 

“I put together the playlist to last as long as drinking a glass of whisky, providing the perfect soundtrack to your chosen dram,” explains Felipe, who hopes to inspire people to follow suit and create compilations for their favourite nip. “There are infinite combinations of whisky and songs, so part of the joy is to come up with your own discoveries,” he adds. “Here are some to get you started.”

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