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Visit To Glenturret Distillery

Sep 23rd, 11:41 AM


We are foruntate to be releasing a 21 year old Glenturret Bourbon cask and so it was fitting that we visited the distillery on the 22nd September 2016.  Advance orders are available here

Located in Scotland’s Highland region but nestled near Crieff in the Scottish midlands the distillery was officially founded in 1959 but has illicit roots dating back to 1775 as a smugglers distillery.  Occupying a spot near the banks of the River turret the distillery sources its water from Loch Turret.

Famous for having a record breaking cat called Towser but also for having a hand operated mash tun. The distillery only produces a small amount of spirit and so an independent cask is an exceptionaly rare thing. The distillery shop allows you try some of Glenturrets current range of Whisky, which has limited availability. Most of Glenturrets offerring is now Non Age Statement but nonetheless the tour was adequate, the samples were generous and day was lovely.

We took some pictures of our visit below,

Glenturret Entranceuntitled_design_(27)


Casks waiting outside the distilelry, likely to avoid them drying out so the tops don't pop off.



Standing next to the record breaking largest bottle of Whisky and Hollywood Star Gerard Butler's Bourbon Cask of Glenturret, apparently his family lives locally.


Glenturret is famous for their cats, the record breaking Towser but now they have Glen and Turret. This is the cat entrance.


Inside the courtyard of the distillery.








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