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Tormore 19 Year Old February 2016 Release

Lady of the Glen Tormore 19 year old will be our official February 2016 release 

In 1958, a year where the United States recession plunged 7% of the population into unemployment and in which NASA was formed to take man to the moon, the relatively modern distillery of our next release was founded. Sitting in the naturally idyllic Cromdale hills sits Tormore distillery. The distillery’s iconic B-listed buildings were designed by Sir Albert Richardson of the Royal Academy and uses water from the local Achvochkie Burn.

Our bourbon cask was filled with spirit distilled 13th September 1995 and bottled September 2015. The Cask number was #20279 and the confirmed age was 19 year old. Our cask yielded 232 bottles was bottled at cask strength 54% alc with no colourings or chill-filtering. The bottles are uniquely numbered and glass etched.

Our tasting revealed creamy toffee apple aroma supported vanilla. Apples become apparent on the palate with stewed fruits and sweet spice. The creamy sweet caramel coats the palate.


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