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The Newest Releases From Lady Of The Glen

Aug 28th, 09:43 AM

We’re delighted to present the newest outrun from Lady of the Glen. Featuring a variety of finishes, a well-aged Isle of Jura, and a 22-year-old single malt from the now-demolished Caperdonich Distillery; this release has proven incredibly popular with our customers and has something to suit any whisky lover.

Dailuaine 2008 with First-Fill Pedro Ximenez Sherry Finish

Our Dailuaine was matured in an ex-Bourbon cask, with a final finish in a Pedro Ximenez Sherry Hogshead for over 18 months. Distilled on the 24th of January 2008 and bottled at cask strength on the 29th of May 2020; we are very proud of this delicately balanced, sherry-finished dram, which is priced at £90 including free UK Delivery.

On the Nose

Full and intense with notes of strawberries and cream, pork pies and new oak furniture.

On the Palate

Creamy and luscious with notes of candied fruits and chocolate raisins soaked in sherry.


Long and lingering sweetness with a sugar-coated pecan nut character.

Isle of Jura 1992

We were incredibly fortunate to acquire a rare 28-year-old Bourbon matured cask in April of this year, just in the nick of time considering its lower ABV. Distilled on the 20th of March 1992 and bottled at cask strength on the 23rd of April; this amber coloured dram is a wonderful alternative west coast island style whisky and is priced at £170 including free UK delivery.

On the Nose

Spring gorse bushes, Madeira cake and fresh cut grass

On the Palate

Poached pears and apple turnover. Yoghurt coated raisins and a chocolate biscuit character


Medium and warming with notes of tobacco, developing to mint.

Caperdonich 1997

Our bottling of this rare single malt from the demolished Caperdonich distillery, fully matured in a Bourbon barrel, is the jewel in the crown of this outrun. Distilled on the 27th of August 1997 and bottled at cask strength on the 24th of July 2020; this amber hued dram is a piece of whisky history that would grace the shelves of any collector; and is priced at £400 including free UK delivery.

On the Nose

Rum raisin fudge, stewed apricot and a honey on toast character.

On the Palate

Griddled pineapple and oranges dipped in chocolate. Honeycomb and salted butter.


Clean and crisp with notes of creamy vanilla, allspice and walnut loaf.

Tomintoul 2005 with First-Fill Amontillado Sherry Finish

Our Tomintoul was matured in an ex-Bourbon cask, with a final 13-month finish in an Amontillado barrel from Josafer Tanoaria. Distilled on the 17th of May 2005 and bottled at cask strength on the 3rd of June 2020; this copper hued dram is a perfect choice for lovers of a sherry-influenced whisky and is priced at £140 including free UK delivery.

On the Nose

Deep and rich with notes of leather armchair, autumnal fruit, amaretto and brewing coffee.

On the Palate

Maraschino cherries and chocolate caramels with an orange bitters and honey character.


Apple sauce developing into orange peel with oak tannins and treacle toffee.

The following releases proved so popular that we were unable to keep them on the shelves. 

Auchroisk 2011 with Pedro Ximenez Octave Finish

Our Auchroisk was an immediate hit; selling out entirely through pre-orders. Our release was matured in a Bourbon cask for over seven years, with 50 litres drawn off and finished in a Pedro Ximenez Octave for Josafer Tanoaria. This bronze coloured whisky was distilled on the 14th of April 2011 and bottled at cask strength on the 29th of May 2020.

On the Nose

Dense and fragrant with fresh sawn pine, coffee cream chocolates, leather and tobacco.

On the Palate

Plum jam and blackcurrant lozenges. Wood spices, walnuts and honey coated dried banana chips.


Long and dry with charred oak, liquorice and a whiff of smoke.

Tullibardine 2006 with Rum Cask Finish

It was a wrench to say goodbye to this delicious, rum-finished malt, now sadly sold out.  Initially matured in a traditional bourbon cask; we moved this spirit to an ex-rum cask for an extended finish. Seven years on, we were incredibly happy with the resulting whisky, which was bottled at cask strength on the 29th of May 2020.

On the Nose

Dessert notes of pineapple tart, custard creams and brown sugar sweetness. Floral notes of lilac and rose.

On the Palate

Soft and gentle at first with developing sweet and spicy notes of white chocolate and cinnamon.


Long and satisfying with a walnut whip and brandy cream character, with developing buttery toast.

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