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Outrun For QTR1 Released

Feb 5th 2019, 09:11 AM

12yo Linkwood 87/2006, 60.2?V, Bourbon Hogshead [12 bottles] @ £89.99

T)Heather honey, sponge and custard. Bottle yield 151

11yo Tamdhu 6833/2007, 61.6?V Bourbon Hogshead [11 bottles] @ £97.25

T)Vanilla ice cream, toffee and baked bread. Bottle yield 159

18yo Deanston 1858/2000 Bourbon Hogshead [SOLD OUT]. £132

T) crème caramel, runny honey and double cream. Bottle yield 39

10yo Glen Moray 5585A/2008 Bourbon Hogshead [SOLD OUT] £59.00

T) Apricot marmalade, lemon meringues and drizzly honey. Bottle Yield 26

The Octaves

An Octave is a 50 litre small cask that provides an intense wood and spirit marriage. The spirit for the releases were taken from the bourbon casks

10yo Glen Moray 5585A/2008, 54.8?V, Pedro Ximenez Octave [11 bottles] @ £109.49

T)Christmas cake, cloves and sweet cream. Bottle yield - 62

18yo Deanston 1858A/2000, 54.7?V Pedro Ximenez Octave [9 bottles] @ £182.96

T) Cloves, orange peel and cinnamon bun. Bottle yield – 60

12yo Linkwood 87A/2006, 58.5?V, Pedro Ximenez Octave [13 bottles] @£116.51

T) Smoky, sweet brandy and meaty. Bottle yield - 64

11yo Tamdhu 6833A/2007, 60?V Pedro Ximenez Octave [1 bottle] £138.00

T)Cloves, tangerine and chi tea. Bottle yield - 59

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