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October Release Ben Nevis And Mystery Speyside Preview

Oct 5th, 02:07 PM

In the coming weeks Lady of the Glen will be releasing two bottlings with our new bottle design.

A Ben Nevis aged 16 years

Distilled 3rd of December 1998, cask number 1407.

Aged in a Sherry Hogshead cask.

The distillery is located next to the highest point in Scotland and using Alt a Mhulin as the water source it was rumoured that the distillery was founded in1825 by ‘Long John’ McDonald. It was closed in 1986 and fortunately reopened in 1991 under new ownership.

On the Nose detect sweetness and maltiness like a banana malt loaf while on the palate enjoy further sweetness with a zest of fruits. A touch of water allows the fruit expression with a cake mix suggestion.

Number of bottles 273

Strength ABV 52.08%


A Mystery Speyside malt whisky aged 20 years

Distilled 17th of October 1994, cask number 1171

Aged in a refill Bourbon hogshead

Speyside is home to the vast majority of Scotland’s distilleries and this secret bottling is an exquisite example from the region. As a secret bottling we are compelled to hide details of the distillery to avoid prejudice.

Indulge in the taste of soft melon and peach fruits with hints of pineapple on the palate. The bourbon cask has allowed the release of a lemon pie suggestion while an aftertaste of mint and toffee lingers.

Number of bottles 262

Strength ABV 52.3%

More details will follow on the release date and a greater depth of information will also be provided on each release.

Advance orders should be coming up soon and the independent reviewers should be receiving their samples in the coming weeks too.


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