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Miltonduff The November Release

The Lady of the Glen November release will come from the unique Speyside distillery of Miltonduff

The historic distillery has roots dating back to 1236 and the time of the Pluscarden Abbey although it was officially founded in 1824 by Robert Bain and Andrew Peary. The use of the term ‘official’ is important because the distillery was rumoured to be an illegal distillery which carried the name Milton and as fate would have it the Catholic Church briefly owned part of Miltonduff, specifically the local parish in Elgin was bequeathed a share of the ownership of the distillery in 1900 although their share of stock was sold shortly after. The addition of Duff to the Milton name comes from the family who owned the land the distillery was founded on.

Located near Elgin within Speyside, the water source is the Black Burn that flows from the Abbey’s old springs. At one point the distillery was the biggest distillery in Allied Distillers ltd range and it served as ‘Technical Centre’, where it housed an engineering centre and laboratory. The investment continued after the Allied Spirits ltd was taken over by Pernod Ricard as the distillery was used for the dark grain spirits plant – which turns the by-product of Whisky (grains) into animal feed.

 We are proud to reveal that The Lady of the Glen have bottled a Bourbon cask of Miltonduff which has been aged for 19 years. The spirit was distilled in August in 1995 and bottled only in September 2015. The cask yielded 177 bottles which were bottled at cask strength, that being 51.4%alc this time. There was non-chill filtering or any other additives. The bottles for the Miltonduff release are all uniquely etched with a bottle number and we have continued our unique bottle design using glass etching which allows for the golden spirit to be the centre of attention.

 Our tasting experience revealed a bright start for the Miltonduff, presenting pineapple and a light ashy bouquet. On second inspection we are greeted with more citrus with a herbaceous grassy aroma shining through. The palate is fresh and bright, a chorus of soft sweet vanilla and cracked pepper rolls through to a malty grassy finish.

Due for release 1st November 2015


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