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Lady Of The Glen 27 Year Old Macallan

Jan 3rd, 11:10 AM


Last month we released four Whiskies which marked our return following a bottle a design project.

The marquee release of this batch was the limited edition Macallan.

The spirit was originally acquired from a larger cask release but was filled into a smaller Octave cask which could only fit around fifty litres. The result is a quicker rate of evaporation and a greater amount of wood exposure for the spirit which produces deeper flavour. This process creates a unique flavour profile limited only to the spirit in the octave – in this case it was only twenty bottles as that was all the that could be bottled from the octave for this release.

The strength of 43.5% is natural and a result of the increased evaporation caused by the Octave and old age of the Whisky.

At twenty seven years old our rare old Macallan presents a complex and aromatic tasting experience that includes orange, ginger and cocoa.

The small batch release is an exclusive online exclusive.



The Lady of the Glen Macallan is available with presentation Oak box at a price of £1,000.00 including postage and packaging.


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