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Hello Chocolate To Complete New Gift Set

At present Lady of the Glen offers a gift set which includes your choice of bottle with two tasting glasses from Glencairn, as Goethe claimed “a joy shared is a joy doubled”. Our Bunnahabhain Gift Set is the latest offering.

Lady of the Glen is Whisky of the highest quality and our gift set is designed to creating a lasting impression by combing the elements that make a uniquely luxuriant tasting experience. Glencairn’s tasting glasses are different from other glasses, as they put it, ‘the tapered mouth allows an ease of drinking not associated with typical nosing glasses. While capturing the all-important bouquet. The wide bowl allows the fullest appreciation of the Whisky’s colour and the solid base is designed to be easy on the hand’. In my opinion the glass delivers on all of these features and if you tip your class over on a table your whisky won’t spill everywhere either, the glass simply rolls in a circle, which is great for those more clumsy amongst us.

 In addition to the tasting glass in our current gift set we will be releasing chocolates created by Hello Chocolate that match the flavour profiles of our next releases. Hello Chocolate, located in Dunfermline,  are Artisan chocolatiers who specialise in making handmade and hand decorated chocolate from sustainably produced cocoa.

These will be complimentary for orders placed before Christmas 2014!

Below are the tasting guides of the especially crafted chocolates for the 16 year old Ben Nevis and 20 year old Mystery Speyside.

The JFK Strawberry Daiquiri

to be paired with

The Mystery Speyside 20 year old single malt

It is no surprise that a Strawberry Daiquiri was the American President’s favourite drink. With the white chocolate enrobing a rum punched fondant and an intensely strawberry packed syrup, this chocolate could melt the hearts of First Ladies everywhere.

Pairing Notes

The Speyside is a light and refreshing sip, with hints of pineapple, melon and peach. The bourbon cask gives a trickle of chocolate, while the lemon flavour gushes. Bite into The JFK Strawberry Daiquiri and you will experience a rush of sweetness, with a slow run of rum, along with a striking strawberry mouth filling burst. The sweetness of The Speyside, and the intense flavour of The Daiquiri make this pairing like Strawberries and cream: an indulgent match.

The Spiced Loaf

to be paired with

The Ben Nevis 16 year old single malt

The spiced loaf, a rich slice scattered with dried fruit, flavoured with cinnamon, cloves and mixed spice and served with a good cup of tea. Ahhhh, you feel cosy just thinking about it. This dark chocolate ganache is packed with warming tastes, and enclosed in a crisp dark chocolate shell that will take you back to relaxing moments of tea and loaf with your feet up!

Pairing Notes

Take a sip of the Ben Nevis, a sweetness on the tongue and a maltiness on the nose. Comforting flavours of malt loaf. Next the fruitiness comes, with a cake mix taste on the buds. Now bite into The Spiced Loaf Artisan, and experience a mirroring of the whisky’s notes. Sweetness and spice, with bursts of fruit, the perfect combination. The Ben Nevis and The Spiced Loaf go together like tea and cake, warming, comforting and full of nostalgia.

This gift set will be made available in the form of Advance orders first. Advance orders will be put online the week beginning 20th October 2014.

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