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Glentauchers 18 Year Old Bourbon Cask Single Malt, Lady Of The Glen Whisky

Jul 6th, 01:24 PM

Hannah Whisky Merchants ltd Anniversary Release

About the distillery

‘Still waters run deep’, a phrase no truer than for the Glenatuchers distillery; this quiet and overlooked distillery has deep roots stretching back to the 19th Century.

The distillery was founded in 1898 near Mulben within the blessed Speyside Whisky region.  Pioneering master blender James Buchanan and Whisky business man W.P. Lowrie elected to create just before the infamous Pattison crisis. The location was the Teuchers farm because of its proximity to good infrastructure. The distillery was designed by local Keith architect John Alcock and supervised by the esteemed Charles Doig & Son, famous for their distillery designs including Dail-uaube distillery and Talisker among many others. The distillery has endured survival to this day, despite the Pattison crisis and other dips in the industry, only being mothballed for a short time in 1985 and 1992.

The water source for the distillery remains the Rosarie Burn, reached via reservoir. There has a long been an association with Glentauchers being used in blends including Ballantines, Teachers and Chivas Regal. This is due to the high quality balanced and light bodied nature of spirit.

About the Lady of the Glen release

The Lady of the Glen Glentauchers was distilled 16th December 1996 and bottled July 2015. Aged for 18 years in Bourbon cask, it retained a natural cask strength of 57%alc and the cask yielded 216 bottles.

Tasting experience

Here we have a fresh Glentauches with a bouquet of soft herbs and a shaving of light oak. The nose blossoms with bold citrus notes which are dancing on top of a blanket of grilled pineapple. Vanilla is apparent all the way through this whisky, later accompanied by honey and ashy vegetal agave notes.

(N) Light pine, baked pineapples, slight citrus notes.

(P) Sweet creamy vanilla, honey followed with an ashy peppery finish.


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