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Single Cask Whisky

Jun 14th, 10:58 AM


Scotland has 20 million casks lying in maturation. Warehouses are spread across the landscape in the fertile and lush regions of Speyside to the wind swept Highlands, settled in the rolling hills of the Lowlands and the salty but fresh costal reaches of Islay.

Within these warehouses sits the distilled spirit from 120 Whisky distilleries and some from the historic closed distilleries.

The beauty of it all…no cask is the same as any other.

However, the vast majority of these casks will be blended together or vatted which leaves only a fractional amount left over for Single Cask releases.

A Single Cask release has not been vatted or blended with any other cask, it’s a wholly unique expression of spirit that depending on the level of maturation and warehouse conditions will produce around 250 bottles of Single Malt Whisky which is completely distinct and unique.

There is no chance of replication, no opportunity for replacement and no room for replenishment with Single Cask Whisky, when it’s gone it’s gone forever only to exist in the opinion of tasting notes, in the forgetful memory of tasters or in the cabinet of a collector.

A landscape of flavours no one can accurately anticipate is the beauty of Single Cask Whisky. All you can do is ensure the best quality casks are used, the distillation process is the best it can be and the warehouse staff look after her because for the next decade or two or three she’ll mature and develop in her own way which no one can predict.

Lady of the Glen release are each Single Cask because we appreciate the beauty of individuality.  

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