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Cardrona Distillery

Apr 9th, 03:42 PM

In February I was fortunate to visit my friend in New Zealand and whilst there I visited one of New Zealand’s newest distillery, Cardrona. 

Cardrona has developed a great reputation amongst whisky fans in New Zealand. Two different bars recommended the distillery to me and raved about the spirit it produced; they have just managed to release some whisky, earlier than expected due to positive responses at a whisky festival in New Zealand. 

Cardrona can be found in Wanaka, near Queenstown, lying in a valley between two ski resorts and built on top of a gold seamPlanning permission was supposedly very hard. 

The distillery also has two sets of rose bushes as they have desire to produce perfume. 

Photo of warehouse taken from the outside

At present, the distillery is producing whisky, gin and a variety of liquors. While I had the opportunity to try the whisky at the bars that stocked it – it was light, fruity and sweet and it had taken a light gold colour from the oak. I was only able to try the new spirit at the distillery but it certainly contained all of the fruity esters desired in a new spirit. 

The distillery has a lot of modern kit so it will certainly be producing spirit to a high standard for years to come. The warehouse for cask storage was smaller than  I expected it to be. 

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