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Oct 3rd, 07:19 PM

The first part of this blog is being written by Bob, who partnered me at the Whisky Lounge this year.


I say Vol. 2 but I'm not 100% as the first volume is somewhat of a haze, up until I wake up locked in my own garage at 2am. It was with this in mind (that and a threat from my girlfriend that if I ended up puking everywhere I was sleeping in the bath) that I set of in search of a more restrained experience.


Volume 2 of the Whisky chronicles started out with some 6 string bass and a great steak and ale pie, it could only go well. After a grand start I set out with my whisky-brother, Gregor, to sample some of the finest and most delicious alcoholic beverages known to man.


The event started at 1200h but not wanting to appear too eager (and to cut down on drinking time) we arrived at 1230h, handed over our jackets (in my case two...don't ask, it's not exciting), grabbed some black tokens for the rarer whiskies and then headed upstairs. We followed our well trained noses straight to the whisky and got drinking.


Last time we managed to start our evening with really hairy chested whiskies which, while delicious, left our mouths tasting like peatbogs for the remainder of the evening. Not wanting to make the same mistake again we pointed our finely tuned palates to the lighter flavours on offer and moved through the event with a thirsty gusto for the remaining few hours.


There were many great showings from so many companies but the truly stand out appearances were from Indian Whisky (from Goa) that managed to shift my misplaced prejudice against any whisky that isn't Scottish. Light and fragrant with a fruity sweetness it wouldn't feel out of place with a Speyside label on the side. The non-whisky stands were great aswell, despite feeling slightly out of place, they offered a nice break from cask strength whisky when you needed to be able to feel your mouth again.


As this entry comes to a close I will let you all know what my black token went on, I'm sure you're all dieing to know. The General – Blended whisky (Stay with me here) 70% 40 year and 30% 33 year. Don't ask me any more than that I drank it quite late on.


Thanks for reading, Laters Taters.

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