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Lady of the Glen Rare Whiskies of Distinction

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Rare Whisky Experts

In Scotland a piper is traditionally given a bottle of Whisky for his services. I come from a long line of pipers and growing up I was captivated by my father’s impressive whisky collection. I will never forget the night we had our first dram together; we cracked open a bottle and talked to the wee small hours of everything and anything.

Whisky is deeply ingrained in the Scottish tradition and every important milestone goes hand in hand with it. It doesn’t matter if it is a birth or a funeral; a graduation or a wedding; it all starts with a dram.

We at Lady of the Glen only buy premium whisky casks from distilleries which have either closed down or have produced a limited amount of a particular cask. As a result we sell some of the rarest Scottish malts and grains on the market. Furthermore every bottle is a part of a limited edition. Our Whisky is always Single Cask, non-chill filtered and bottled at Cask Strength.

When you purchase a bottle of Lady of the Glen you can rest assured that it is Whisky of the highest quality, class and sophistication.

Yours Faithfully,
Gregor Hannah
Director of Hannah Whisky Merchants Ltd

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Bourbon cask, number 618, was distilled in September 1994 and bottled in September 2016.  Enjoy with two Glencairn tasting glasses, what are considered the definitive glasses…

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Bourbon Cask, number 44, was distilled in June 1996 and bottled in August 2016. Enjoy with two Glencairn tasting glasses, what are considered the definitive glasses for Whis…

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Uniquely Scottish

As authentic independent bottlers we attempt to keep our Whisky as natural and unique as possible while ensuring the quality is always supreme.

Our casks are bottled at their naturally high cask strength which is usually over 50% ABV. All releases are from a single cask which at most can yield only 300 bottles but the Angel’s Share always brings this down to a smaller release amount.

Our malt or grain whisky is never altered aesthetically through chill filtering but served as nature intended.

With cask details, tasting notes and distillery information elegantly expressed on each bottle you can appreciate the intimate details of each release.

Lady of the Glen Whiskies Scottish Hills

The casks are sourced through a variety of different means but Gregor personally taste tests all of them to evaluate if they are worthy of bottling under the brand, so each customer can rest assured that every bottle is of the highest quality.

Lady of the Glen Whiskies Scottish Hills

Each bottle is of a limited edition and presented in a bespoke gift pouch which has been specially designed by Bespoke Atelier, a textile design team from Glasgow who produce luxury designs and fabric, to create the ideal complimentary and complementary gift.

Lady of the Glen Whiskies Scottish Hills

Samples of each release are sent to whisky enthusiasts who provide their honest opinion and tasting notes. These make up the independent reviews next to the releases on the Shop and Collection pages.


Whisky has been a passion of Gregor’s since he was young, every month he would see his father’s whisky collection grow (and reduce) with every wedding and event he piped at.

Gregor Hannah started Hannah Whisky Merchants ltd at 27 from Fife in 2012. The idea was to provide high quality Whisky which celebrates the unique natural heritage of Scotland’s native spirit. The name Lady of the Glen is a nod to a private shared memory and to Scotland’s folk history.

As of the middle of 2014 Lady of the Glen Whisky has come from the Speyside, Highland, Lowland and Islay Whisky regions and included two releases from silent distilleries. Over 900 rare bottles have been sold across the world and in 2014 we were shortlisted for the 2014 Bank of Scotland Enterprise Award.

Each Unique Cask

Once an entire cask of bottles is sold out it moves to our Collection page and it will never be available for sale again because once that cask is gone, it is gone forever. Each new cask and release has a new bottle with new details related to that cask of Whisky.

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