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Miniature Set

Miniature Set
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Miniature Set

  • Age of Whisky: varies
  • Alcohol by Volume: varies
  • Size of Bottle: 5cl
  • Cask: varies
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Set of five 5cl miniatures presented in a beautiful gift box. This is great way to enjoy a dram with the added excitement of discovering something new. The perfect gift for a whisky enthusiast.

At present we have the below available to make up the set and five will be randomly selected for each box.

4 year old Strathmill 802139A/2014  61.8% (ABV), Bourbon Cask (first look still in maturation)

7 year old Strathmill 805875A/2011  59.6% (ABV), Bourbon Cask (first look still in maturation)

5 year old Glen Elgin 800982A/2014  63.0% (ABV), Bourbon Cask (first look still in maturation)

5 year old Blair Athol 303402A/2014 59.9% (ABV), Bourbon Cask (first look still in maturation)

5 year old Linkwood 311288A/2014 60.9% (ABV), Bourbon Cask (first look still in maturation)

6 years old Royal Brackla 143/2013 57% (ABV), Bourbon Cask (first look still in maturation)

15 Years old Glen Elgin 801297/2004 56.7% (ABV) Bourbon Cask with Tawny Port finish

14 years old Aberfeldy 304420/2005 56.80% (ABV) Bourbon Cask

11 years old Glen Garioch 194/2008 55.3% (ABV) Bourbon Cask

13 years old Glenallachie 901062/2005 65.1% (ABV) Bourbon Cask with Marsalla wine finish

14 years old Blair Athol 3657/2005 58.6% (ABV) Bourbon Cask

8 years old Bruichladdich 150/2011 65.8% (ABV) Bourbon Cask 

26 years old North British 200308/1991 49.2% (ABV)  Bourbon Cask

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