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Lady of The Glen
Isle of Jura
28 years old
Isle of Jura
Lady of The Glen

Isle of Jura

28 years old

  • Alcohol by Volume
    : 45.4%
  • Size of Bottle
    : 70cl
  • Cask Yield
    : 75
  • Cask
    : HHD
In stock

The Rythm and Booze Project Bottling No.2

A 28 year old HHD. Distilled at the Isle of Jura distillery.

Tasting notes. 

Nose: Jura’s typical cinnamon bun aroma opens up to persimmons, chai tea, and heaps of caramel.

Palate: An initial hit of bread and butter pudding becomes fruitier, a combination of raspberries and plums, as well as a little more leathery with time. 

Finish: Warming and spicy. This is a whisky that likes a cuddle.

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