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Girvan vintage 1991

Girvan vintage 1991

Girvan vintage 1991

  • Alcohol by Volume: 43.2
  • Size of Bottle: 70cl
  • Cask Yield: 63
  • Cask: Bourbon Hogshead #54459
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Single Grain Lowland Whisky


We acquired just 63 bottles from the Bourbon Hogshead #54459

Distilled on the 22nd of April 1991 and bottled 22nd January 2018 at cask strength with no artificial colouring.

The cask was acquired through a private seller looking for urgent bottling due to the ABV dropping quicker than anticipated. However, what made this Whisky of particular interest was it's heavier body for a grain Whisky and yet it still retained a light sweet taste on the palate,


Tasting notes

Ripe banana, sweet toffee and coffee


About the release

Only our 2nd Single grain release since we started in 2012 and so it had to be a good one! 

Founded in 1963, the distillery has since produced a vast amount of essential stock for blending. Due to the workhorse nature of the distilley single casks have been relatively rare despite them releasing a great batch of releases in the mid 1990s for exclusive release in Europe under the name Black Barrel.

Our old cask has been bottled as a matter of urgency as the ABV was dropping due to the low volume in the cask but the aromas are a grain delight, typical of older well matured grains ideal for sipping.


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