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Bruichladdich vintage 1991

Bruichladdich vintage 1991

Bruichladdich vintage 1991

  • Age of Whisky: 27 years old
  • Alcohol by Volume: 51.3%
  • Size of Bottle: 70cl
  • Cask Yield: 208
  • Cask: Bourbon Hogshead
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Single Malt Islay Whisky

Bourbon Hogshead #2132 yielded 208 bottles

Distilled on the 21st of May 1991 and bottled on the 17th of September 2018 at cask strength with no artificial colouring.

When Bruichladdich was founded in 1881 by the Harvey Brothers it was a state of the art distillery within the Victorian era built to produce Whisky on Islay at an Industrial level. Even now the distillery retains some it's Victorain innovations such as having an open mash tun among other equipment.

The spirit for this release was distilled shortly before the distillery was mothballed in 1993 as it was deemed 'surplus to requirements'. Eventually the distillery would be re-opened in 2000 when it was acquired by a private investment group headed up by Mark Reynier and Simon Couglin.

In the early 90s Bruichladdich still used peat in their standard releases as evidenced in this single cask release which is lightly peated.


Tasting notes
Pineapple, white chocolate cream and black peppercorns


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